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blogsHow would you like to get your hands on 3 Brand New PLR Niche Blogs every month.? Now you can! But that’s not all you get. Check out the details of this amazing deal below.

The blogs will cover a variety of niche’s but more importantly the articles on the blogs are freshly written unique content at the time you receive them No PLR articles are used, you receive unique content relevant to the niche blog. Each Blog will have a minimum of 6 new & unique freshly written articles to get you started.

Let’s Take A Look At One Of Our Typical Blogs!

Our Latest SEO Blogseo
 This is a great niche to be in and a good money earner. The blog comes fully loaded with TEN  Freshly written articles and it’s own  12 page  freshly written unique report (SEO For Beginners ) you can sell this report or use it to build your list.

 Let’s See What’s Included

  • Premium Design.checkbox
  • Freshly Written Unique Content.
  • Royalty Free Images.
  • Freshly Written Unique Report
  • Must Have Plugins
  • Full Support

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You Get A Lot More than 3 Brand New Unique Niche Blogs Each Month.
Each Month You ALSO Receive One “Keyword Researched” Fully Loaded Amazon Blog!….See Below


amazonbrooks  Keyword Research Is What makes Our Blogs Different

 Before we build an Amazon Blog we carry out extensive keyword research. This research finds specific  keywords that have a very low Top 10 competition while also having a high commercial value attached to it. The main goal here is to find low hanging fruit keywords available out there that can enable you to quickly rank on the 1s t page of Google organically without any resitance and brings you a steady amount of Amazon earnings when your site ranks . Your site will not only start to rank high and fast, it will also require low SEO maintenance because of the nature of the low competition keywords .

 We will then build the blog and load it with Amazon products related to the keyword you are trying to  rank for. Each blog you receive will include a full “Keyword Report” containing other long tail keywords you can rank for.


  You can check out one of our Amazon Blogs here



[YES] Sell the individual Blogs outright for personal use.license

[YES] Sell RR, MRR or PLR Rights

[YES] Sell at any price you wish

[YES] Sell on Sites such as Flippa & Ebay

[YES] Add to paid membership sites

[YES] Bundle the blogs together to sell as a package

[YES] Do anything else you like with the blogs

[No] Give away for free

[No] Add to free membership sites

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To Recap, Each Month You Receive Three Brand New PLR Niche Blogs Monetised & Loaded With Unique Content Plus One Keyword Researched Amazon Blog!


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Grab Our Special Discount Price Of Only $10pm

For The First 30 Members Only



Blogs For Sale

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